Do jakiej galerii się wybrać?

Znajomy Anglik wyraził zainteresowanie galeriami sztuki w Twoim mieście:

– poinformuj go, jakie wystawy są obecnie do obejrzenia;
– udziel mu wskazówek, jak dojść do galerii sztuki;
– upewnij się, czy sam sobie poradzi.

A. Hi Alex.
B. Hi Greg. How are you!
A. I’m great, thanks. You know, I’d like to see some exhibitions in Olsztyn. Could you recommend where to go to see some?
B. Well, I must say that I’m not interested in art so much but last time I visited Salvador Dali’s exhibition and it was breathtaking. If you like surrealism, you’ll be delighted for sure.
A. That sounds interesting but there’s a little problem.
B. What is it Greg?
A. I’ve been to Olsztyn only once before and I don’t know the city well enough to go there alone.
B. Oh, but that’s very close from here. You just have to take the bus number 15 or walk straight on for about 10 minutes. The exhibition is in the planetarium, you know where it is, don’t you? If you take the bus, you must get off at the first stop and you’ll see the planetarium on your left.
A. I see. I think I’ll go there today. I’ve already seen some pictures by Dali and I like his style. So, when are we going?
B. I’m sorry but unfortunately I don’t have time today. If I did I would go there with pleasure, believe me.
A. No problem. I’ll go there alone. I should get there without any problems.
B. Are you sure you can manage on your own?
A. Sure I can. There’s no possibility to get lost in such a small town.
B. OK. So have a good time there and let me know your impressions.
A. I will. See you later and thank you for your help.
B. Bye.

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