Recenzja filmu „Adwokat diabła”

The movie tells a story of Kevin Lomax, a brilliant and exceeding lawyer from Florida. This young man seems to be very successful in every branch of his life. He has a beautiful wife and wins every of his cases on court. Despite the difficulty of the case, somehow, he always finds a solution for solving it.(Even, if he knows it is not right and ethically wrong.) So what could he want more? You may think that they (he and his wife) live happily ever after. But, unfortunately they do not.

When the main character is reaching the top of his career ladder, the Devil is taking part in his quiet life. He wants to hire Kevin to win a few cases for him and offers great profits and valuable perks. Lomax agrees and from that time everything becomes odd. Of course, he is unaware of dealing with the Devil. However, thanks to that, suddenly, an unknown lawyer from Florida becomes one of the most respected in the country. But, as we can imagine, nothing is free. As Kevin becomes more successful in his job, everything else is getting worse.

In my opinion this movie is great. Unusual, creative idea for the script, interesting plot which you can easily get you into the swing. Next, what is most important, fabulous actor’s play and unexpected ending which you must see. I can ensure that after the movie you will not regret. It is worth to be seen.

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