Egzorcyzmy w filmach

Devil possession is a subject of numerous films which are always eagerly awaited by horrors fans. Most of these films are rather similar to each other and it is quite challenging for a new one to distinguish itself. What is worth seeing are „The Exorcist” and „The Exorcism of Emily Rose” concerning the same subject matter, but treated in a different way.

In both cases the main role belongs to a young girl of deep faith, who one day starts to behave oddly. The symptoms of being possessed are among other things: becoming extremely aggressive, speaking in two voices and cursing. While insane girls are being exorcized, strange things are happening. The light is switching on and off, and characters’ power can even kill.

What differentiates these two films is mainly the fact that „The Exorcism of Emily Rose” is based on a true story and includes real records of exorcisms, which sends shivers down viewers’ spines. „The Exorcist”, on the other hand, seems to be fairly unconvincing. In addition, it is set in the same time for the whole film and is about the ritual generally. „The Exorcism of Emily Rose” on the contrary, focuses on the trial of Emily’s exorcist, blamed for her death.

Although both films are atmospheric and excruciating, I find „The Exorcism of Emily Rose” a masterpiece of horror. Those who expected a bloody horror may think it is overhyped, however, in my opinion it presents an intelligent fight of representatives of two opposite worlds- the world of God and Devil, and the world of science.

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