List do angielskiego przyjaciela

Situation: An English friend of yours is planning to spend a week touring your country and has asked for your advice on what to see and do. Write a letter giving your friend practical information which you think will be helpful.

Dear Alex,

At first I want to thank you for your last letter and for the marvelous news that you’re going to tour Poland. I’m very sorry for the delay in answering but I’ve had a hectic time preparing to some exams.

You asked me what is worth seeing in Poland. I’d enjoy the time spending with you and I’d show you the Old Town and the Castle in my city. We’d go play bowling or billiards and then go shopping. The next day we’d visit some towns like Gietrzwałd or Święta Lipka. I’d show you some interesting monuments and beautiful landscapes. If there is enough time, we’d also go to Toruń which is gorgeous. There is a big planetarium so we’d see the demonstration.

Well, that’s all for now. Let me know in you next letter what you’ve decided.

Best wishes,

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