List nieformalny do przyjaciela z Anglii

Situation: An English friend of yours is going to take an important examination soon. Write a letter wishing your friend good luck and offering any advice you can.

My dearest Magda,

I was glad to read the news about you in your last letter. Finally I have time to reply to it, sorry that you had to wait for it for such a long time.

From your letter I know that you’ll take an important examination in geography next month. I’m sure you’ll get an A as I already know that it’s one of your favourite subjects. You also told me once that you have very good notes so there’s no possibility that you’ll fail. Cheer up and don’t worry. However, if you have some problems in geography, you can be sure that I’ll give you any advice you want. You can always rely on me.

That’s all for now. I wish you good luck on that exam and I hope that you’ll let me know about the results as soon as possible.

Best wishes,

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