List do przyjaciela z Walii

Hi Kalina,

What’s up! Thanks for your last letter and your Sunday’s call. It was really nice to hear you after such a long time.

You wanted to know how I’m getting on… Well, there’s nothing new besides one thing. You already know I’m defending my master’s thesis in June but you know what else? I’m having an FCE exam at nearly the same time! However, I wish I would be able to defend master’s thesis on the first possible date, and from what I’ve heard today, it’s fixed on 10th June. OK, let’s leave me for a moment.

What about you? Do you enjoy your new life in Cardiff? Do you still have the same job or maybe you’ve found a better one? I hope we’ll meet when you come to Olsztyn in May so that you could tell me all the details about your job, new friends, that city etc. We’ll also have to talk over my visit at your place on holidays. I can’t wait to see London and Cardiff, I’ve always dreamt of that trip.

That’s all for now. I hope to see you soon, so let me know when exactly you are coming to Poland. Hit me back when you have some free time.


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