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Dear Gosia,

Thanks for your last letter. It was nice to hear from you and to read what you’ve already planned for our meeting. But you know, I have a few more questions about it.

You’ve written that it’s not too expensive to find me a place to study, but how much would it be approximately? I can’t wait for the trips you’ve mentioned. My bags will probably be full of clothes, so maybe you could suggest what I should pack. After all, you’re the one experienced in such trips. Do I need to bring any equipment with me to go sailing and camping? I’m afraid I don’t have any.

As for the foods, don’t trouble your mum to prepare anything special for me. I’ll eat whatever she’ll make. But anyway, there’s one more thing. We haven’t exchanged our photos yet so why don’t we do it now? It would be difficult to recognize each other only having a description of our appearance. You’ll find my photo in the envelope and I’m waiting for yours.

I can’t wait to see you. Write back when you have time.
Lots of love,

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