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Dear Barbara,

Thank you for your last letter. It was nice to hear from you. You wrote that you wanted to lose weight and as it turns out I read an article about dieting. If you want to be slimmer and stay healthy, the first thing you should do is to go to your doctor. He’s the person who knows the best what to eat and what to do when you are on a diet. Remember that majority of people fall into anorexia as they want to be slimmer and slimmer even when they look fine. Afterwards, first they have cravings for food and they eat a lot of sweets or other kind of junk food, next they throw it up not to put on weight. Thus, you must promise me that you will diet rationally.

As I mentioned before, I read an article that you can find on You can find out a lot of interesting facts on this site. At first your doctor will tell you the program of diet and exercise. Visit him regularly so he can monitor your progress. Remember that one of the most important things is to exercise because that will help you lose some calories and work on your muscles. Don’t worry if your scale shows you higher weight because muscles weight more than fat. After few months you will look more muscular and you will get closer to your ideal body.

Apart from exercising your doctor will tell you what to eat or which dishes you shouldn’t mix. If you don’t see the results of the regimen you were recommended within few months, you should ask for some weight-loss drugs. However, you must take into account that these can have serious side effects. That’s why you will have to tell your doctor if you suffer from any disease.

After what I have written you must think it’s hard to reach your ideal weight but it’s not unattainable. I also read about a woman who succeed in dieting. She realized that she couldn’t lose weight in short time, that’s why she decided to change her eating habits. She cut her portions in half, ate more fruit and vegetables and she always felt full. That woman also drank lots of water and started exercising: she was riding a bike and walking to work. In the mornings she was spending an hour on exercising. Her colleague kept her on track by eating healthy what rubbed off on the other and by motivating her. In this way she had control of her body.

I hope you will listen to me and go to a doctor who will tell you what to do. I’m sure you will reach your goal. Do keep in touch and let me know what you decide.


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