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I am one of those people who have many interests but cannot go for only one of them. Firstly, my favourite way of spending free time is learning foreign languages. What motivates me the most is the possibility of going abroad and speaking with foreigners. Besides, I am a travelling vulture, I have already been to Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Austria and many other places. Knowing English helped me with communication both when I was abroad and when I wanted to talk with some foreigner online. In a word, I just want to be able to visit every place I want without the fear of not being able to understand the local population. I can also read English books and watch English movies.

If I decide to read a book, it is usually a book by Graham Masterton. I like his writing style but I have also met with negative opinions about him. Masterton describes every issue in detail, sometimes even too precisely. He writes about demons, hideous kinds of animals and sometimes mixes it with some sexual acts. Most people find his books disgusting but such descriptions absorb me. I have always liked shocking books, as they are really interesting and they stimulate my vivid imagination.

Apart from reading books, what happens only from time to time, I am into bowling. In my opinion it is the most fascinating sport but also a quite expensive one. That is why I cannot afford it as often as I would like to. However, bowling once in two months is more satisfactory because I have to wait for it for a long time and when I finally get there, I cherish this moment like a little girl when she gets a new doll. I was bowling for the first time about three years ago and I liked it instantly. I often take my friends with me because they also enjoy it.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it is hard to reconcile different interests because of the lack of time. When I think of reading a book I immediately recall that I should learn English a bit before doing so. Indeed, learning English is now my priority. I dream of passing FCE before finishing studies. Then I plan to go to England to practise and perhaps to pass CAE after coming back. I really envy others when it comes to having certificates.

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