Recenzja ulubionego filmu

The best film I have ever seen was a Japanese horror „Ring”. There are several parts of this movie but the first one is the best. That is why I want to tell you a few words about it.

„Ring” is a very thrilling and interesting film. It is about a video tape which makes people die a week after watching it. The tape had probably been made by telekinetic powers of a little girl called Sadako. She had suffered a lot before she died. Sadako and her mother had powers to predict future so people were afraid of them. Even little girl’s father was so terrified that he told her to live in a shed. He wanted her to die so he purposely pushed her into a well and did not help her when she begged to be rescued. Sadako was desperately trying to get out of the well. She was screaming for help but unfortunately nobody could hear her. She survived there for a week, then she died.

Thanks to her powers a little girl transferred her fear and suffering to people who watched that video film. After a week, they died in mysterious circumstances.

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