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Cechy dobrego przyjaciela

Needles to say, all people need someone to cheer them up, someone whom they can trust and tell all the secrets to. These are very important features of a real friend that all of us do need. Imagine that you wrestle with the day-to-day problems, for example school, boyfriend or conflicts with your parents. You feel miserable as there is… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Cechy dobrego przyjaciela
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Czy markety w niedziele powinny być zamknięte

Recently the government has been considering to close supermarkets on Sundays. However, what will the consequences of such decision be like? Will it make the world better or will it bring us more difficulties? One of the advantages of not allowing people to work on Sundays is that it should be the day off. Catholics are truly convinced that this… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Czy markety w niedziele powinny być zamknięte
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Needless to say, there are always problems with young people who begin their rebellious time. The author of the article I read thinks that the only difference between and old man and a young one is that the young man has a glorious before him and the old man has splendid times behind him. According to him, young people have… Czytaj całość
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