Recenzja filmu „Stardust”

If you are a fan of adventure/fantasy films and you enjoy watching them with the whole family, I can recommend you “Stardust”. It will certainly bring you plenty of entertainment.

The story is simple. Everything starts in an English village, in the Victorian times. One day a young man (Dunstan Horn) wants to cross a mysterious wall, because it is believed that on the other side a different magical world exists. (As a matter of fact, the village took the name from that wall, “Wall”). And so he does. Dunstan is over the moon of what he sees, but he decides to never come back again. Years pass and during this time he looks after his son, Tristran (the central character). As the boy grows up and becomes a man, he falls in love with a vernacular girl from his neighbourhood. She says, if he wants to conciliate her, he must bring her a star (literally). And that is the beginning of Tristran’s greatest adventure. His father tells him the story of the arcane world behind the wall and gives him a magical candle which can move you wherever you wish. So, a young man makes a wish and is immediately relocated to the other side of the wall… What happens next? Is there any danger waiting for him? And, finally, how does the story end? You have to see it for your own.

Although the criticism of some media, I can truly recommend you the film, not because of the marvelous plot but rather by fabulous special effects. But not only, Robert DeNiro who adapts the character of terrifying (seemingly) pirate ,and one of the witches’ sister played by Michelle Pfeiffer, make the show more racy and one of the best of its kind. (Though still rather for devoted fans of fantasy)

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