Teoria ewolucji a religia

For the last few days I have been thinking about reconciling science and religion. Scientists believe in what can be proved, religious people do not need proofs to have faith. But what if we can prove some theories but Catholics reject it? For example, try to imagine the world hundreds years ago, when our life begun. Were Adam and Eve our parents or was it started from apes? At first I would like to introduce both opinions, then I will explain what I think about them.

The theory of evolution says that modern organisms have evolved from older ones and that this development is constant. This theory was at first suggested mainly by Charles Robert Darwin who set it forth in his book called „The Origin of Species”. Darwin thought that both people and apes have the same ancestor and I share his opinion. I do not believe that fish can evolve into reptile or something like that but this theory assumes evolving between the same species – mammals: apes into human beings.

The idea of evolution is and has always been questioned by religion. Some people believe that it conflicts with their religious convictions. Most of religious friends I sometimes talk about it with can not answer my questions, so in some parts I can only suspect. In my opinion one of the reasons this theory is turned down is that people have souls but animals do not so we could not have evolved from them. To deviate from the subject I still do not know why that is so. However, if we ignore this argument, can we still reject proofs? Is somewhere in the Bible written how exactly the first people looked like? If not, we can assume that our appearance and physique is different that it was then.

I truly believe in biological evolution. From one side, I feel that it is true. From the other side, I see how fast our appearance can change even in one generation, besides there are proofs. Even from a history book we can learn that at the same beginning we were more bent down than now, we used more primitive tools and some of our parts of body looked a bit different. I saw pictures of transitional cell between monkey and a human. I find evolution as a fact. I only regret I do not know biology good enough to talk about in more scientific way. I would know more details about it. However, what interests me the most, is not evolving from ape to human, but evolving into apes. I would like to know and see all the periods of developing life from the same beginning, from the birth of our planet.

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