Wynalazek najbardziej doceniany przez młodych ludzi

Till now the technology has developed to such a level, that some people are afraid of being replaced by robots at work. Nearly everyone has a computer with the access to the Internet but it is mostly used by young people.

Nowadays, in teenagers’ opinion the Internet allows us to work, learn, play games and communicate with people all around the world. Can you imagine that? All of it without even leaving your home. To use the Internet you just need a computer, a cell phone or other similar devices. The youth usually have a lot of different interests. When someone wants to get some information, there is no need to borrow a book from the library, as finding information online is much easier. The Internet can also be used to communicate with friends or family living abroad. Thanks to it we save money which we would have to spend on phone calls.

In conclusion, there are a lot of new devices such as: mp 4 players or playstation consoles. However, the Internet is the most common one and the most important invention according to young people. This is mostly because it can be used in different places and situations.

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