Czy markety w niedziele powinny być zamknięte

Recently the government has been considering to close supermarkets on Sundays. However, what will the consequences of such decision be like? Will it make the world better or will it bring us more difficulties?

One of the advantages of not allowing people to work on Sundays is that it should be the day off. Catholics are truly convinced that this rule cannot be broken because of their beliefs. According to them, there are whole six days for shopping and the last day should be spent on resting among our families.

Nevertheless, there is one essential disadvantage of carrying that idea into effect. A lot of people have leisure time only at weekends. If supermarkets are closed on Sundays, it may result in tremendously congested shops on Saturdays. We cannot allow such situation so that idea is unwelcomed by most of people.

To sum up, depriving people of shopping whenever they want would be a huge mistake. Some people work six days a week and they would have to shop straight after their work. That is why we should be allowed to work and be able to shop whenever we want to.

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