Życie w dużym mieście

If I was about to choose whether to live in a big city or in a small village, it would be a hard decision. Both city and village have advantages and disadvantages.

One of advantages of living in a city is that everything is close to home: shops, schools and departments. However, it depends on the precise localization. I live near the center of Olsztyn but it is far enough from the main road that it is quiet here. In a city you live in a flat and you may have mean neighbours. They sometimes disturb you by having loud parties but they can also tell you to turn down the music. There are also good sites of having neighbours as you can rely on them.

From one side living in a village is very positive because the air is clean, the pollution is small and you know most of your neighbours. People are not such anonymous but it can be troublesome as you can not have any secrets. The next aspect of living in a village is that it is hard to find a job.

In summary, I would prefer to live in an average city. Olsztyn is the best place for me so I hope I will never have to move out.

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