Recenzja „The Boondock Saints”

“We must always fear the wicked. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear the most, and that is the indifference of good men.”

Two Irish brothers, Conner and Murphy, certainly do not fit this utterance. They are not indifferent. One night, they and their friends were celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day in one of the local pub in Boston. Then, suddenly, members of some Russian crime syndicate went in and tried to force the owner to close the pub. Everyone got angry and started a fight. Next day, Russians came back for the brothers to give them a lesson for the previous night. First, they wanted to kill Murphy. But, Conner could not let anyone to harm his brother, so, he managed to kill them first. After the incident, police started an investigation to find out whom and for what reason killed the members of the Russian mob. They did not seek for a long time. Brothers came to the police station and claimed that they did this in self-defence. This was not exactly the truth. After all, they were claimed to be not guilty of the crime. Furthermore, they felt that they did something good for the society…  and that was not over.

The film is quite unique mainly because of interesting retrospections which show us crucial scenes omitted earlier. There are several spectacular scenes worth to be seen like, for instance, a firefight in front of a house or mass massacre at a hotel. Although the film is funny, it keeps the viewer in suspense and, in the same way, the action is very vivid and unpredictable. Personally, I think that the main problem of the film, namely “killing for good” can make the viewers think about it and ask themselves a question:  Is it really needed to be cruel to destroy cruelty? Or is there another way to solve it? Let’s think…

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