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Recenzja filmu „Adwokat diabła”

The movie tells a story of Kevin Lomax, a brilliant and exceeding lawyer from Florida. This young man seems to be very successful in every branch of his life. He has a beautiful wife and wins every of his cases on court. Despite the difficulty of the case, somehow, he always finds a solution for solving it.(Even, if he knows… Czytaj całość
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Recenzja filmu „Stardust”

If you are a fan of adventure/fantasy films and you enjoy watching them with the whole family, I can recommend you “Stardust”. It will certainly bring you plenty of entertainment. The story is simple. Everything starts in an English village, in the Victorian times. One day a young man (Dunstan Horn) wants to cross a mysterious wall, because it is… Czytaj całość
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Recenzja „The Boondock Saints”

“We must always fear the wicked. But there is another kind of evil that we must fear the most, and that is the indifference of good men.” Two Irish brothers, Conner and Murphy, certainly do not fit this utterance. They are not indifferent. One night, they and their friends were celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day in one of the local… Czytaj całość
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Tłumaczenia wypracowań na stronie

Miło nam poinformować, że właśnie przetłumaczyliśmy na język polski wszystkie wypracowania z następujących działów: listy formalne opowiadania raporty Wielu z Was często pytało w komentarzach o tłumaczenie fragmentów tekstów, lub ich całości. Mamy nadzieję, że teraz nie będziecie już mieli problemów ze zrozumieniem opublikowanych na stronie wypracowań. Jaki rodzaj wypracowań powinniśmy przetłumaczyć w następnej kolejności?… Czytaj całość
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Recenzja filmu Egzorcyzmy Emily Rose

„The Exorcism of Emily Rose” is one of the most thrilling movies I have recently seen. It tells a story of a young girl who was suspected to have been possessed and died while being exorcised. The movie focuses on the trial against a priest who was the exorcist and lead to Emily’s death. He believed Emily that she had… Czytaj całość
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Dlaczego powinniśmy uczyć się języków obcych

There are countless reasons for learning foreign languages, and each of them tells us that we must do that. Indolent people think it is enough to pass exams at school and they do not intend to continue learning. Fortunately, some people really appreciate the possibility of being able to talk to foreigners. Learning is fun for them. English is one… Czytaj całość
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I’m a student of English and I need to get to the south this weekend, mainly to London. I’m looking for a lift on Friday in one way and on Saturday on my return way. I’m ready to pay about 100 zł for it and can even pay in advance. You can contact me on 512-34-56. Caroline… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość Ogłoszenie
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Ulotka do sąsiadów

Dear Kowalskis, Just a quick note to inform you about the package you’ve just got. The postman asked me to take it so whenever you have time just let me know when you come to collect it. By the way, could you please return the cooker I lent you last week? I’ll need it as I’m giving the family party.… Czytaj całość
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