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Dlaczego powinniśmy uczyć się języków obcych

There are countless reasons for learning foreign languages, and each of them tells us that we must do that. Indolent people think it is enough to pass exams at school and they do not intend to continue learning. Fortunately, some people really appreciate the possibility of being able to talk to foreigners. Learning is fun for them. English is one… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Dlaczego powinniśmy uczyć się języków obcych
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Jak pisać rozprawki?

Na wstępie opisz, czego dotyczy wypracowanie. Oddziel pozytywne i negatywne aspekty poruszonej sprawy. Możesz używać słów łączących, takich jak: well (więc), or (albo), by the way (przy okazji), and (i), so (więc), but (ale), anyway (tak czy owak). Wydając opinię, możesz używać zwrotów w stylu: In my opinion (Moim zdaniem), I agree with (Zgadzam się z), I disagree with (Nie… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Jak pisać rozprawki?
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Moje idealne życie

Each of us has a vision of his ideal life. Some people would be satisfied only with having an ordinary job and their own little house. As for me, when it comes to earnings, I am more ambitious than to live in a tiny flat. In my ideal life I can afford a big house with a marvelous garden and… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Moje idealne życie
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Moje zainteresowania

I am one of those people who have many interests but cannot go for only one of them. Firstly, my favourite way of spending free time is learning foreign languages. What motivates me the most is the possibility of going abroad and speaking with foreigners. Besides, I am a travelling vulture, I have already been to Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark,… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Moje zainteresowania
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Niemieckojęzyczne szkoły

Lately, six schools in Berlin have decided to bring „German-only” language rule into effect. However, not everyone shares their opinion of doing so. In the first place, those schools are attended by a lot of foreign pupils and now they will be forbidden to speak in their own language. No one should forbid the way of speaking until it is… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Niemieckojęzyczne szkoły
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Teoria ewolucji a religia

For the last few days I have been thinking about reconciling science and religion. Scientists believe in what can be proved, religious people do not need proofs to have faith. But what if we can prove some theories but Catholics reject it? For example, try to imagine the world hundreds years ago, when our life begun. Were Adam and Eve… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Teoria ewolucji a religia
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Życie w dużym mieście

If I was about to choose whether to live in a big city or in a small village, it would be a hard decision. Both city and village have advantages and disadvantages. One of advantages of living in a city is that everything is close to home: shops, schools and departments. However, it depends on the precise localization. I live… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Życie w dużym mieście
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Wynalazek najbardziej doceniany przez młodych ludzi

Till now the technology has developed to such a level, that some people are afraid of being replaced by robots at work. Nearly everyone has a computer with the access to the Internet but it is mostly used by young people. Nowadays, in teenagers’ opinion the Internet allows us to work, learn, play games and communicate with people all around… Czytaj całość
Czytaj całość... Wynalazek najbardziej doceniany przez młodych ludzi