Dlaczego powinniśmy uczyć się języków obcych

There are countless reasons for learning foreign languages, and each of them tells us that we must do that. Indolent people think it is enough to pass exams at school and they do not intend to continue learning. Fortunately, some people really appreciate the possibility of being able to talk to foreigners. Learning is fun for them.

English is one of the most popular languages, so in my opinion we should learn it first. Nowadays most people use the internet to find some information or to play online games. Knowing English broadens our possibilities and allows us to contact foreigners, read information or even listen to English radio. We also understand the lyrics of our favourite songs and we do not need to read the subtitles while watching movies in the cinema. When you know English quite well, you even start thinking like a native English speaker. It is great as you do not have any problems with contacting people from other countries.

However, it is better not to focus on only one language. If you know a few, for instance English, German and Spanish, you feel there are no limits for you and you can go on vacations everywhere you want to. You do not need to know the grammar perfectly, you just have to be able to communicate so that others will understand you. Needless to say it is much easier to find a job with such knowledge, mainly when you have some certificates that show your level.

To conclude, the odds are that foreign languages are basic knowledge we should gain in the present day world. That is why I cannot understand people who do not notice how much knowledge they can get and how many advantages it has.

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