Namowa na kupno pizzy przez telefon

Zagraniczny kolega/koleżanka, z którym/którą dzielisz mieszkanie w akademiku i pieniądze na utrzymanie, namawia Cię na pizzę na telefon:

– odrzuć jego/jej propozycję;
– zaproponuj wspólne zakupy i gotowanie; – zaakceptuj kompromisowe wyjście.

A. You know Alice, maybe we could order Hawai pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner? What do you think of it?
B. You say, from Pizza Hut? I don’t know. And how much does it cost?
A. From what I know, about 25 zł.
B. 25 zł for one pizza?! Are you joking? Whoa, I could buy a new mascara for it.
A. Oh, please. It’s not that much and I’m hungry as a wolf.
B. Well… I have an idea. Why don’t we prepare pizza by ourselves? I know the recipe, it’s quite easy to make. We just have to buy a dough for it and make stuffing. I bet you’ll love it and will want to eat it everyday.
A. But it’ll take too long and I was going to go shopping to buy some clothes for tomorrow’s party. I don’t have anything to put on.
B. I promise it won’t take us long and after dinner I will go with you and help you choose a great dress.
A. Sure, if you say so. Then move on, we’ve got to hurry!
B. OK, so buy some dough and I’m beginning to make stuffing.

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