Needless to say, there are always problems with young people who begin their rebellious time. The author of the article I read thinks that the only difference between and old man and a young one is that the young man has a glorious before him and the old man has splendid times behind him. According to him, young people have an air of freedom. And in my opinion because of that they want to fight for the better future. They think that everything is possible and that they can change the world into a better place. However, they begin to notice that their parents control them and therefore they resist. That is where all the problems come from.

I remember my rebellious times. At the age of 14 or 15 years old I noticed that some of my friends had more freedom than I did. However, I must say that I could do whatever I wanted to but with some limitations. For instance, I could go out for all day but I had to come back before 10 or 11 pm. I could not appreciate that I was really free, I only saw the negative sides of my parents’ behaviour. My friends could stay longer than me but they usually came back home at the same time as I did. I felt a bit ashamed then, I also noticed more issues that I didn’t agree with.

The only way to protect the generation gap is trying to reach an agreement with kids. Parents should find a common language with their children. Hence they should give them some freedom, but also have an influence on them. I know that it is very hard to achieve because every teenager reacts in a different way for the same behaviour of his parents. What I want to say is that some kids should be kept a tight rein on and another should have more freedom. If you keep your child a tight rein on, he has more reasons to object to. But if you give him too much freedom you can lose contact with him.

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