Moje idealne życie

Each of us has a vision of his ideal life. Some people would be satisfied only with having an ordinary job and their own little house. As for me, when it comes to earnings, I am more ambitious than to live in a tiny flat.

In my ideal life I can afford a big house with a marvelous garden and a swimming pool. I have a well-paid job which fulfils my ambitions, for instance in a small company. If my wishes came true, I could be proud of my accomplishments and my children would never have to say they do not have enough money to buy something.

So far I just want to finish school with the best possible results and up until now I have been doing very well. Nowadays, the higher educated you are, the better job you may get. I realize that I will have better prospects for the future if I am highly educated.

Despite writing about such vision of my ideal life, I do not hesitate to say that my present life is perfect. However, one should aim high to fulfil their dreams.

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