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I’m a student of English and I need to get to the south this weekend, mainly to London. I’m looking for a lift on Friday in one way and on Saturday on my return way. I’m ready to pay about 100 zł for it and can even pay in advance. You can contact me on 512-34-56. Caroline… Czytaj całość
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Ulotka do sąsiadów

Dear Kowalskis, Just a quick note to inform you about the package you’ve just got. The postman asked me to take it so whenever you have time just let me know when you come to collect it. By the way, could you please return the cooker I lent you last week? I’ll need it as I’m giving the family party.… Czytaj całość
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Ulotka do przyjaciół

Hi Magda and Mark, Thanks for asking me out to the cinema on Sunday evening, but I won’t be able to come. Sorry for changing our plans. I’m invited for dinner with my family. Maybe we could watch the movie next week? Promise not to let you down any more. Pop round when you decide what to do. Cheers Eve… Czytaj całość
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Ogłoszenie korepetycji

Announcement! If you are coming to Poland on vacation or you want to work here as a teacher of English, I have an interesting offer for you. It is good to know the basics of Polish language. I can help you with that. I am a qualified and experienced teacher of Polish. My skills let me prepare my students in… Czytaj całość
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Jak pisać recenzje?

Pisząc recenzję filmu czy książki, używaj czasu Present Simple. Nie opisujesz przecież tego co się kiedyś działo, więc czas przeszły jest tu niepotrzebny. Nie zdradzaj fabuły filmu/książki ani ważniejszych wątków. Skup się na ocenie filmu/książki, nie na opowiadaniu całości. Staraj się pisać tak, aby zainteresować czytelnika. Oto przykładowe wyrażenia i zdania do recenzji książki: Although the book has been taken… Czytaj całość
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Recenzja filmu 300

„Before this battle is over, the world will know that few stood against many” – this is the motto of a film I am lost in admiration for. „300”, directed by Zack Snyder, is an adaptation of Frank Miller’s graphic novel. Ever since I saw the first trailer, I had been waiting for it to be released. I finally saw… Czytaj całość
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Egzorcyzmy w filmach

Devil possession is a subject of numerous films which are always eagerly awaited by horrors fans. Most of these films are rather similar to each other and it is quite challenging for a new one to distinguish itself. What is worth seeing are „The Exorcist” and „The Exorcism of Emily Rose” concerning the same subject matter, but treated in a… Czytaj całość
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Recenzja filmu Co za życie

„Life or something like it” is a romantic comedy about a young reporter at a Seattle TV station, Lanie Kerrigan (Angelina Jolie). She is a very beautiful and ambitious woman, has a great job, a handsome and popular fiancĘ (Christian Kane) and she is well-off financially. She has everything that every woman would wish for her life. However, she is… Czytaj całość
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